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Jul 282011
sound proof carpet padding
Available Thicknesses and Weights (all rolls are 4.5′ x 12′)
1/4″, 1lb  (3/8″ Thick).: $179.28 per roll Buy Now
1/4″, 2lb (1/2″ Thick).: $263.52 per roll Buy Now
1/2″, 1lb (5/8″ Thick).: $268.92 per roll Buy Now
1/2″, 2lb (3/4″ Thick): $348.84 per roll Buy Now

Product Overview


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Conference Rooms
  • Home Theaters

Easy to use and install
Low installed cost solution
No need for additional carpet pad
Firm, yet comfortable feel
Increases IIC and STC

General Product Information
Quiet‐ACU is a durable and effective acoustic carpet underlayment designed to increase the transmission loss of floor assemblies. When installed under carpeting Quiet‐ACU reduces the both impact noise (higher IIC) and airborne noise (STC). This is accomplished by combining a mass barrier with highly quality foam padding. The foam provides a comfortable walking surface and decouples the mass layer for optimized acoustic performance.

Quiet-ACU can be used in homes to reduce noise from AV equipment and media rooms travelling to living areas above or below as well as any other spaces where unwanted noise is coming from above or below. In condominiums Quiet-ACU will increase privacy from your lower level neighbors. This product can also be installed in your upper level neighbor’s condo to reduce noise coming from above. In office or mixed use buildings Quiet-ACU can be used in the same manner as in condos.   Read more